Chinese LGBT Rights Group Shutters Under Pressure

The South China Morning Post reports:

A Chinese LGBT advocacy group has suspended operations indefinitely and closed its social media accounts amid a nationwide tightening of social controls. LGBT Rights Advocacy China, a non-profit providing legal support for the LGBT community, announced the move early on Friday.

Its final message on WeChat, one of the country’s leading social media platforms, said: “We are grateful for all your companionship and support over the years. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

“There may still be many uncertainties in the future, but we look forward to the day when the clouds have dispersed and we can see the blue sky again.”

The Associated Press reports:

LGBT Rights Advocacy China was co-founded by Peng Yanzi and another activist named AQiang in 2013, and focused their efforts on securing legal rights for LGBT individuals through strategic lawsuits. One of their most high profile cases came early on in 2014, when Peng himself went undercover to a facility that claimed it could “treat” homosexuality with electroshock therapy. He sued the company and won.

The group often brought landmark cases to the court, challenging the law to make space for non-traditional families, and often helped start public discussions on those issues. In July, WeChat shut down dozens of accounts run by university students and non-profit groups on LGBT topics. Shanghai Pride canceled its annual event in 2020 and said it would no longer hold it without explanation after 11 years of operation.

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