Chile On Verge Of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

The Associated Press reports:

A measure to legalize marriage and adoption by same-sex couples was approved by the lower house of Chile’s Congress on Tuesday, moving it close to final adoption. It had already passed the Senate.

The bill approved 101-30 now awaits only final modifications related to the rights of same sex couples. President Sebastián Piñera has indicated he will publish it into law.

Conservative lawmakers in the South American nation staged a last-minute battle against the bill. “The role of matrimony is not to regulate a relationship, it it to protect the preservation of the species as a basic principle,” said congressman Diego Schalper.

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A speedy resolution is critical as the leading candidate to succeed the outgoing Pinera is an anti-LGBT far-right former congressman who welcomes comparisons to Trump and Bolsonaro. The runoff is December 19th.

Other South American nations that have legalized same-sex marriage: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia.