CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

A rerun from yesterday, because this newly uploaded version has English subtitles.

Kampanje reports:

This year, as in the previous two years, the Norway Postal Service is presenting a new magnificent Christmas film. Marketing director Monica Solberg says, “After the success of the last two years with Norway Post’s Christmas films, we now notice that people are asking, ‘When is this year’s Christmas film coming and what is the theme this time?’

“It’s incredibly fun. You can safely say that we have created a new Christmas tradition that people are looking forward to. The two previous years we have surprised the audience through the use of a lot of humor. There will be surprises this year as well, but this year there will be love.

“The idea for the campaign stems from the insight that in 2022 it is 50 years since it was no longer a criminal offense to be gay in Norway – that you could love whoever you wanted.”