CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Billboard Magazine reports:

In his 20th-floor office overlooking Houston, veteran personal-injury attorney Jim Adler reflects on why he hasn’t aimed any TV marketing at survivors of last weekend’s Astroworld festival disaster. “It’s just so tragic,” he says. “I don’t think there’s an appropriate type of TV ad.” Adler may not have been marketing on TV, but by Monday morning, the front page of his website read: “Astroworld Lawsuits, Serious & Fatal Injuries,” above a photo of a microphone and a blurred crowd.

Google “Astroworld” in Houston this past week and lawyer webpages were the top results, declaring “Were you injured at Travis Scott’s Astroworld?” and “Injured at the Travis Scott concert in Houston? We can help.” “I have not seen blood in the water like this since Deepwater Horizon,” says Miranda Sevcik, principal of Media Masters, a Houston marketing firm specializing in litigation, referring to the 2010 oil-spill disaster.

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