Carlson “Appalled” That Trump Is “Getting Rich” From Donors But Isn’t Paying For Capitol Rioters’ Lawyers

“People are going to be offended that I ask this, but I can’t control myself. So like, what about the President on whose behalf they were gathered that day? Like, has anybody sent them money?

“I mean, has anybody — you know, they’ve raised the people around him — Brad Parscale and all these people are getting rich, right? Complaining that the last election was rigged, which it clearly was, obviously.

“And they’re making all this money and all these people are sending all this money down to Florida, but is any of that money going to defend these people who went to this rally on behalf of that candidate?

“I just find that appalling. I really do. I really find that appalling.” – Tucker Carlson, on his Fox Nation show.