Brian Brown: “Gay Marriage Is Doomed,” Send Money

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

A prominent LGBT legal activist has penned an article for the online publication Salon in which he warns that their “worst fear” – the courts facilitating an end to gay marriage – is likely to happen.

The author, Don Canon, is a leftist law professor and lawyer who was involved in the Obergefell v Hodges case that imposed gay marriage on the nation. He’s also one of those who targeted Christian county clerk Kim Davis in Kentucky.

And Canon also wrote after the Obergefell case that there was no way that the imposition of gay marriage would ever be undone. Now, he says he was egregiously wrong.

In an odd twist, we find ourselves agreeing with the conclusion of this LGBT activist lawyer. We don’t necessarily embrace his proposed methodology for how this would occur, but we agree with his conclusion: gay marriage is on the legal chopping block.

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This was Brown’s second email today. The first promoted a 10% discount to buy French wine “lovingly crafted by monks,” with Brown presumably getting a cut of the sales.

Brown last appeared on JMG due to his reported role in helping craft a pending 10-year sentence for homosexuality in Ghana.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Brown had endorsed the Georgian extremist linked to an anti-LGBT mob’s fatal attack on Tbilisi Pride.

Brown is also nurturing friendships with anti-LGBT Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban and with far-right Italian leader Silveo Matteo.

In 2013, I reported that Brown collaborated with Russia’s Duma on a bill to ban adoption by same-sex couples.

NOTE: The headline of this post is taken from the subject line of Brown’s email.