Bongino Calls For “Mass Disobedience” To Mandates

Media Matters has the transcript:

Liberalism is a cult, it is — it is now a religion. It is a cult. These people are idiots. They are not smart. They know this is going to lead to mass economic dislocation. And probably some civil disobedience like they haven’t seen. And they push forward anyway.

Elections aren’t going to fix this. Elections are great, get out and vote, you did a great thing in Virginia and New Jersey, I’m proud of everyone who did it. But you know what’s going to fix this? When you understand the fact that this is your country, not theirs.

We outnumber them. The consent of the governed matters and we revoke our consent. Once you realize that, then you have the power, not them. And we take it back through mass disobedience. Everything will change, I promise you.