Bishops To Debate Biden’s Eligibility For Communion

Reuters reports:

U.S. Roman Catholic Bishops this week are expected to revisit whether President Joe Biden’s support for abortion rights should disqualify him from receiving communion, an issue that has deepened rifts in the church since the Democrat took office.

At a Nov. 15-18 conference in Baltimore, the bishops are scheduled to vote on a document clarifying the meaning of Holy Communion, a sacrament central to the faith.

A committee drafted the document after the bishops’ June conference, where they debated whether to take a position on the eligibility of prominent Catholics such as Biden – whose political actions they say contradict church teaching – to receive communion.

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When Biden met with Pope Francis in Rome last month, he said the Pope told him he was a “good Catholic” who can continue to receive communion.

PHOTO: US Conference of Catholic Bishops president Jose Gomez, who has said that the Biden agenda “advances moral evils.” Gomez appeared on JMG earlier this month when he declared the social justice movement to be a “pseudo religion.”