Apple To Launch “Self Repair” Program For iPhones

The Washington Post reports:

Shattered screens and aging batteries in iPhones used to require a trip to the Apple Store — or a local repair shop — to fix. But starting in early 2022, iPhone owners in the United States who want to try repairing their ailing device can do so with some help from Apple itself.

Apple surprised “Right to Repair” advocates by announcing a new Self Service Repair program, which will allow owners of its products to request the official tools, components and manuals needed to repair damaged Apple products on their own.

At first, Apple will sell parts and tools for repairing iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series smartphones, including commonly needed components such as batteries and cameras, from an online storefront. After that, the company plans to offer similar repair resources to people who want to repair their M1-powered Mac computers.

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