Air Force Veteran To Primary Cultist Rep. Matt Gaetz

The Washington Examiner reports:

A veteran and special operations pilot during the Iraq and Afghan wars will on Thursday announce his campaign to challenge embattled Rep. Matt Gaetz in the Florida Republican primary, promising to “restore dignity” to the panhandle district. Bryan Jones, a CV-22 Osprey pilot and small business owner, told us, “I feel it is time to begin a new path of service, one that will help restore dignity and honor to Florida’s 1st District.”

He drew a clear line between his views and those of Gaetz in declaring former President Ronald Reagan, not Donald Trump, as his political idol and has said he was driven into politics by the outrage he felt when supporters of Trump stormed the Capitol. In a reference to Gaetz, who has represented the 1st District since 2017, he said, “Our district deserves an effective, values-driven leader in Congress, not someone under investigation for crimes that should disgust every decent Floridian.”

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