Youngkin Busted In Lie That McAuliffe “Pushed” CRT

Popular Information reports:

Youngkin’s closing TV ad claims to contain “newly unearthed documents” which it presents as proof that McAuliffe’s administration “actively pushed” K-12 students to be taught CRT. The ad claims that this is an excerpt from “MCAULIFFE’S ACTUAL 2015 TRAINING FOR TEACHERS.”

The document was first made public by Chris Rufo, an operative affiliated with the Manhattan Institute, a dark money group responsible for making CRT a top political issue. Rufo claims the document proves that “McAuliffe is lying” by claiming CRT has “never been taught.”

But the document has nothing to do with teaching CRT theory to K-12 students in Virginia schools. Rather, it is a presentation delivered as part of a two-day institute, which took place in September 2015, about disciplinary practices in Virginia schools.

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