WSJ Board Defends Running Trump’s “Bananas” Letter

From the Wall Street Journal editorial board:

The progressive parsons of the press are aflutter that we published a letter to the editor Thursday from former President Trump, objecting to our editorial pointing out that he lost Pennsylvania last year by 80,555 votes. We trust our readers to make up their own minds about his statement. And we think it’s news when an ex-President who may run in 2024 wrote what he did, even if (or perhaps especially if) his claims are bananas.

Mr. Trump’s letter is his familiar barrage, with 20 bullet points about alleged irregularities that he says “prove the election was rigger.” It’s difficult to respond to everything and the asymmetry is part of the former president’s strategy. He tosses off enough unsourced claimed in 30 seconds to keep a fact-checker busy for 30 days. When one claim is refuted, Mr. Trump is back with two more.

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