VIRAL VIDEO: “Air Karen” With Bluetooth Speaker And Headset Microphone Rants About COVID During Flight

The Daily Dot reports:

In a surprising display of theatrics, even for someone dubbed a Karen, a passenger on a plane got up in front of everyone and started ranting about COVID-19. She even brought her own headset microphone so everyone could hear her.

Karen stands before her fellow passengers looking very official with her headset, sandwiched between two actual flight attendants doing their best to get her to go back to her seat. “Get in your seat immediately or we are going to have to cuff you,” one flight attendant says.

“You’re gonna cuff me?” the woman replies, seemingly surprised there may be consequences for her actions. “I don’t need to be cuffed, I’m completely harmless. I think you’re all enjoying this because like I said I’m not terrible to look at.”

Read the full article. The clip already has over 1 million view on TikTok. The name of the airline is not yet known.