Utah Health Officials Rank Vax Rate By Zodiac Signs

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Surprising perhaps no one, Salt Lake County residents born under the exuberant, high-achieving, let-no-opportunity-pass sign of Leo have been vaccinated for the coronavirus at higher rates than those of any other zodiac sign. That’s according to an analysis of immunization and population data released this week by the Salt Lake County Health Department.

The department found that vaccination rates vary dramatically by astrological sign, from 70% of Leos to just 46% of Scorpios, who, if zodiac stereotypes hold true, perhaps hope to contract COVID-19 in order to deliberately infect someone for a perceived slight. The county prepared the analysis as a fun conversation starter to promote vaccination.

Read the full article. The article goes on at some length to analyze the relative local prevalence of each zodiac population in relation to its vaccination rate.