US Army Ejects “Hitler Mustache” Capitol Riot Suspect

The Washington Post reports:

An Army reservist charged in the Justice Department’s sweeping investigation of the U.S. Capitol riot was quietly demoted and discharged earlier this year, becoming the first known service member to be forced out of the military after officials learned of an alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection, according to personnel records reviewed by The Washington Post and the former soldier’s attorney.

Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, 31, was an Army sergeant working part-time as a human resources soldier until May, records show. In June, he was demoted to private — the enlisted force’s lowest rank — and given an other-than-honorable discharge, terminating a 12-year military career, said his attorney Jonathan Crisp. “This was a knee-jerk reaction to the charges,” the attorney said, adding that he intends to help Hale-Cusanelli fight the Army’s decision and have him reinstated.

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