UK Anti-Vaxxers Plot To Confront MPs At Their Homes

Sky News reports:

Anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown protesters are organising themselves online to confront MPs in person, Sky News has found. One online group is going after politicians because of their “evil actions” – and shares tips on how to find constituency offices and MPs’ homes.

Photos and videos of members and other like-minded protesters approaching politicians or their offices are being widely shared on the messaging app Telegram. One video shows an MP revealing he was forced to call the police after his home was targeted by anti-vaxxers.

It comes as concerns around MPs’ safety have risen following the killing of Sir David Amess. At least six groups discussing how to locate and confront MPs were found on Telegram during an investigation by the Sky News Data and Forensics team.

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Photo: Earlier this week MP Michael Gove was chased down the street by a mob of anti-vaxxers as he stepped out for lunch.