Texas School Districts Defy Demand For List Of Books

The Houston Chronicle reports:

The Austin school district, one of the largest in the state, will not comply with a request from the Republican leader of the Texas House General Investigating Committee to confirm whether it carries certain books in its libraries.

“After doing more legal research, we’ve decided that a response is not necessary, especially since anyone can search our library catalogs,” said district spokesman Jason Stanford.

It marked the first report of a district disregarding the letter sent by the committee’s chair, state Rep. Matt Krause [photo], who is running against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in the GOP primary.

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The Dallas school district has also said they will not comply.

Krause is a graduate of Liberty University and worked as a lawyer for the viciously anti-LGBT hate group Liberty Counsel.

Earlier this week he demanded to know which of the 850 books about race and sexuality on his list are currently on the shelves in the libraries of Texas public schools.