Texas GOP Redistricts Dems Out Of Future Majority

The Texas Tribune reports:

Democrats won’t be rallying voters with claims they can flip control of the Texas Legislature in the general election a year from now. The redistricting maps nearing approval in the current special legislative session make that a near impossibility. Missing their last chance to win a majority in the Texas House in 2020 — remember that “Turn Texas Blue” battle cry? — was politically expensive for the state’s Democrats.

It meant the new political maps drawn to fit the new 2020 census would be tailored by Republicans, for Republicans, and that Democrats’ wishes would end up in the dustbin or, at best, in the courts. That’s what’s happening, and those are the maps that will be used in the 2022 elections. They’re not quite law yet but will be soon, and they are markedly more Republican than this conservative state’s recent voting history.

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