Staver: Biden Exempted Congress From Vax Mandate

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Joe Biden granted Congress an exemption from COVID shots, while his Department of Defense ordered every active and reserve service member to get the shots. For merely submitting a religious exemption request, these heroes are being threatened with prison and dishonorable discharge.

The distraught mother of a USAF 1st Lieutenant contacted our office, desperate to keep her daughter out of military prison for the “crime” of claiming religious exemption.

Chaplains from all branches have told us that the pressure and abuse to get these shots will increase the rate of suicide. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS ABUSE OF THE MILITARY TO CONTINUE.

Liberty Counsel is filing suit against Biden’s Department of Defense to keep the religious faithful in the military out of prison.

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Aaaand the fact check:

The vaccine mandate refers to employees working in the executive branch of government. This covers the president, the vice president, and their offices, which include their advisors and staffers, the cabinet appointed by the president, and heads of various federal agencies.

The mandate covers federal agencies such as the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Defense, the Treasury, and more. The armed forces are also included in the executive branch. According to the White House, the total number of people employed in this branch are 4 million.

The legislative and judicial branches are separate from the executive branch, and do not fall under this vaccine mandate. Biden also cannot mandate as president that all Americans get vaccinated. That is up to each state.