Southwest And Its Pilots Union Deny Sickout Claims

The Dallas Morning News reports:

Southwest Airlines and the union representing its pilots say that crew members didn’t call out of work sick to protest vaccine mandates and cripple the carrier’s operations during the busy holiday weekend. The Dallas-based airline has canceled more than 2,000 flights since Friday afternoon, citing a mix of bad weather, air traffic control issues and military flight maneuvers in Florida for causing a cascade of slowdowns that crippled its network through the weekend.

Southwest refuted claims that pilots or other employees called in sick to harm the carrier’s weekend operations. “There is absolutely no evidence of any kind of job action,” said incoming CEO Bob Jordan in an interview with The Dallas Morning News Monday. “Their trips are disrupted, they have unscheduled overnights and they have all the same types of impacts that our customers experience. If anything, I think they’ve been heroes through this trying to operate.”

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Prominent right wingers and Republicans have spent the last few days doing celebratory backflips on social media in praise of the “brave” Southwest pilots they claim are using vacation time or sick days to punish the airline for its vaccine mandate. Examples are below.