Schiff On Subpoenas: We’re Not Messing Around Here

“The process on Thursday night, we’ll be voting on a report in the committee. The report concludes that Bannon should be held in contempt, he failed to appear, he has no reasonable explanation for that failure to appear, and that will then go to the full House.

“The full House will vote to hold him in criminal contempt, and then the speaker will ultimately refer that contempt to the Justice Department, where the statute says that the Justice Department has the duty to present it to the grand jury.

“I don’t know the date we will take it up on the floor. We hope to take it up very soon, but we’re not messing around here. We’re moving very expeditiously.

“To me, this is an early sign of whether our democracy is recovering, whether it’s true that no one is above the law, that the rule of law must apply. So we intend to go after anyone who doesn’t provide information that they’re lawfully compelled to, to our committee.” – Rep. Adam Schiff, today on MSNBC.