Rubio Hopes Pope Will Rebuke Biden On Trans Issues

Florida Politics reports:

When President Joe Biden has an audience Friday with Pope Francis, one Republican lawmaker hopes that the right not to hire “transsexual” teachers is among the topics discussed. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio told a national television audience Wednesday he hopes the leader of the Roman Catholic Church tells Biden that faith-based schools are being “targeted” in a “federal takeover of Pre-K and child care.”

“So if someone shows up and they’re an atheist, you have to hire them. If someone shows up and they’re anti-Catholic and you’re a Catholic school, they can’t discriminate on the basis of that. Not to mention if they’re transsexual or lives a lifestyle that goes contrary to the teachings of the church,” Rubio said. “I hope things like that. Religious liberties in the United States are an issue that he raises.”

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