Ron DeSantis Sells Coded “Fuck Joe Biden” T-Shirts

From Ron DeSantis’s Make America Florida PAC:

The Marxist Leftists and their Soros Backed Globalist allies hate the Constitution and us. As “Let’s Go Brandon!” chants echo from every corner of the country, they know they are losing control.

The Puppet in Chief can not hide behind his Ice Cream much longer, so his handlers are panicking! In dark rooms and internet chatrooms, the fear of freedom is palpable, and the solutions to stop the waking giant of true Americans are getting more and more desperate.

Illegal Aliens are coming to Florida to flood our welfare roles and swing our elections in favor of a small ruling elite of Marxist Politicians (and a small group of RINOs pretending to fight back), Oligarchs, Press Lackeys, and clueless Hollywood Elites.

The 100% cotton men’s heavyweight tee will help you land a more structured look. It sits nicely, maintains sharp lines around the edges, and goes perfectly with layered streetwear outfits. Plus, it’s extra trendy now!

Note the Trumpian random capitalizations and misspellings. Trump is already selling his version of the shirt for $45. The DeSantis shirt is a “bargain” $29.