Rioter Finally Charged With Stealing Pelosi’s Laptop

Politico reports:

Prosecutors have formally charged a Jan. 6 rioter with stealing a laptop from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and selling or disposing of it. Riley Williams, one of more than 600 defendants charged for breaching the Capitol, had long been suspected of making off with the computer.

The newly issued indictment describes it as a Hewlett-Packard laptop “located in the offices of a member of the U.S. Congress.” Video that Williams allegedly shot as she paraded through Pelosi’s office suggested she grabbed the laptop and made off with it. Prosecutors in January said witnesses, including a former partner, indicated she had intended to sell it.

The formal charge suggests prosecutors now believe they can prove Williams’ theft beyond a reasonable doubt. Williams is also facing seven other felony and misdemeanor counts for her participation in the Capitol breach, including a newly added charge for assaulting or resistant police officers.

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