Republican PA Election Official Details Death Threats Made By Cultists: “This Is Domestic Terrorism” [VIDEO]

Yahoo News reports:

Al Schmidt, a Republican city commissioner on the Philadelphia Board of Elections, told the committee he received several threats, including one that said: “Tell the truth or your three kids will be fatally shot,” along with the names of his children, his address, and a photo of his home.

Schmidt said other messages he received included: “Cops can’t help you,” “Heads on spikes,” and “perhaps cuts and bullets will soon arrive at [his address.]”

“There are additional threats that my family asked me not to share today because they are so graphic and disturbing,” he said, adding: “I have three little kids. My youngest is seven years old. No matter what our party affiliation, this is not okay. And let’s be clear: this is domestic terrorism. The whole point is to terrorize.”

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