REPORT: Repairs To Leaning SF Tower Made It Worse

San Francisco’s CBS News affiliate reports:

Construction on a fix for San Francisco’s leaning Millennium Tower came to a stop in late August because the fix was actually making the tower sink even more. Now it appears some of that damage could have been avoided.

“Millennium Partners wanted to get the thing wrapped up,” said Robert Pyke, a geotechnical engineer and early critic of the current so-called “perimeter pile upgrade.” He says the $100 million plan to shore up the sinking tower should have been stopped months before it was.

In a statement to KPIX, lead engineer Ron Hamburger admitted some of the sinking and tilting could have been avoided by halting construction earlier. In a letter to building officials, he also admitted the new test drilling that started this week could cause even more sinking.

Read the full article. According the piece, tenants are having a hard time selling their units even at “steep discounts.”