QAnon Followers Accuse Flynn Of Being A Satanist

The Daily Beast reports:

In a video entitled “Some Have Said That General Flynn Prayed to Satan in a Recent Prayer,” host Paul Oebel gave Flynn a chance to rebut the growing right-wing controversy alleging he’s signed on with Lucifer.

“I even saw a show the other day saying ‘Michael’s flipped on the side of the devil,’” Oebel said. “Can you please explain what happened there?”

“All of these people that talk about turning to whatever…” Flynn said. “People need to stop overthinking what everybody is saying.” The bizarre YouTube interview marked Flynn’s latest attempt in a weeks-long campaign to convince his one-time fans in the QAnon conspiracy theory movement that he isn’t a Satanist.

Read the full article. The latest idiocy apparently stems from a prayer delivered over Flynn at far-right preacher Hank Kunneman’s church. According to the Q-bags, the prayer included lines that praise Satan. Or something. Extremist pastor Rick Wiles is among those convinced that Flynn is a secret Satan worshiper.