OAN Host: Thousands Are Dying From The Vax [VIDEO]

“Whatever happened to our freedom of choice in this country? In this new world that is Biden’s America, it seems like we are truly living a 1984 Orwellian novel, right?

“With the way that millions of Americans are now being treated, it seems like it’s 1942 Germany, right? Show me your papers or else! Let me put it a different way, just for free thinkers who use common sense. Again, the sheep are being rewarded by their masters.

“And I’m sorry, folks, with side effects numbering in the hundreds of thousands, with the death toll, we don’t know what it is. They said it’s 10, 12 thousand — are they reporting all the deaths and tying it to the vax?

“No. Just like they’re over-reporting the number of deaths from COVID. Ever notice how all the other deaths are way down? Heart attacks, obesity, cancer — clumping them together.

“This has got to end. American lives, children’s lives, are on the line. And all thanks to this experimental vax being pushed by the Biden administration.” – OAN host Dan Ball, this afternoon.