Norway Bow-And-Arrow Terrorist Was Known To Police

The BBC reports:

Four women and a man were killed and two others wounded when a man used a bow and arrow to attack them in Norway. Police first received word of an attack in the town of Kongsberg, south-west of the capital Oslo, at 18:12 local time (16:12 GMT).

A Danish man aged 37 has been arrested and questioned for hours overnight. Police said they had previously been in contact with him over fears of radicalisation after he converted to Islam.

The victims were all aged between 50 and 70, regional police chief Ole Bredrup Saeverud told reporters on Thursday morning. The attack was Norway’s deadliest since far-right extremist Anders Behring Breivik murdered 77 people, most of them at a children’s Labour Party summer camp on the island of Utoya in July 2011.

Read the full article. As I predicted yesterday, right wingers are leaping upon the attack as evidence that gun control is useless.