NC Lt Gov Will “Choke On My Own Blood” To Ensure That “We Christian Patriots Own And Rule This Nation”

“You can leave God’s country, and we will not miss you. Tell our enemies on the other side of the aisle that will drag this nation down into a socialist hellhole that you will only do it as you run past me laying on the ground, choking on my own blood because I will not give up this nation to you!

“It is not yours. You did not build it, you did not defend it, and you will not own it. We will. The Christian patriots of this nation will own this nation and rule this nation and help freedom survive for future generations.” – NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, at today’s “Stand Up For America” rally.

Robinson, who says he’s “95% sure” that he’ll run for governor, also told the crowd that they’re part of “God’s regiment on Earth.” Watch the clip if you enjoy literal screaming from a self-avowed Christian nationalist.