NC Lt Gov Faces Calls To Resign After Calling LGBTQ People “Filth” Who Should Not Be Mentioned To Kids

The Raleigh News & Observer reports:

A state senator says Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson should resign for calling homosexuality and transgenderism “filth.” “There’s no debate here,” said Sen. Jeff Jackson, a Mecklenburg County Democrat. “This is open discrimination. It is completely unacceptable. Mark Robinson should resign.” Sen. Wiley Nickel, a Wake County Democrat, took to Twitter echoing Jackson’s call for Robinson’s resignation.

Robinson, a Republican, made the comments in June at Asbury Baptist Church in Seagrove but a portion of the speech was posted Tuesday on the Twitter profile for Right Wing Watch. “There’s no reason anybody, anywhere in America should be telling children about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth,” Robinson said. “Yes, I called it filth.” When contacted for comment, Gov. Roy Cooper’s office said that is was “abhorrent” to hear an election official use “hateful rhetoric.”

Read the full article. Robinson has also called for unseating any politician who supports the COVID vaccine and says if anybody doesn’t like “the fact” that the United States is a “Christian nation,” he’ll pay for their ticket to leave.