Miami Paper Roasts “Ridiculous” Calls For FL Audit

From the Miami Herald editorial board:

Talk about a ridiculous waste of time and money. Republicans in Lake County are calling for an Arizona-style audit of Florida’s 2020 election in a pointless attempt to see whether President Trump — who won Florida in 2020 — actually won the state by a larger margin.

Trump got 51% of the vote, considered a blow-out in a narrow-margin state like this one. But that hasn’t deterred the Lake County Republican Executive Committee, which is pushing for an audit, claiming that a “majority” of citizens doubt that the Nov. 3 election was fair and also doubt the results in Lake County, the state and the country.

That must come as quite a shock to Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, who has loudly proclaimed that election was a huge success — under his leadership, mind you —that it should be held up as an example on how to handle elections.

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