MAGA Preacher: God Told Me That He’ll Soon Reinstate Trump And Depose “Profane Homosexual-Loving” Biden

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

“And thou profane, wicked president of my people,” Shane Vaughn preached, speaking on behalf of God. “I got a message for the president of my people, or the resident of my people: You profane homosexual-loving, abortion-loving president, those that took the children and confused them about who they were, you profane president whose day is come—when iniquity shall have an end, when a man will rise up to make America great again, oh God, to make America God’s again.”

“‘I’m gonna stop it,’ thus saith Yahweh,” Vaughn thundered. “I want you to go down there and remove that diadem out of that fake president’s hand. Do you know what a diadem is? A diadem is the symbol of your authority, your fake authority. It’s a symbol of your power. He said, ‘After I get done, I’m gonna send my spirit to take away the fake authority, the fake diadem. Your day has come!’

“He said, ‘I know there’s sin in the land, and I know there’s iniquity. I’m gonna send a little judgment to wake my people back up, and then I’m gonna go, and I’m gonna take back that fake diadem you’ve been holding over my people.’ Saith the Lord. You’ve been wearing a fake election and a fake crown,” Vaughn declared. “And you’ve been struttin’ your stuff with Kamala by your side. Jezebel herself.”

Shane Vaughn last appeared on JMG when he declared that God told him to tell everyone that the vaccines are going to soon stop working because of all that sodomy you’re doing.

We also took note of his claim that climate change is a satanic lie because it’s really God who is destroying the environment because of your sinning.

Before that, we heard from him when he declared that Facebook’s banning of Trump was “the same mistake Satan made when he killed Jesus Christ.”

I must insist that you play the clip starting at 2:00!