Lindell Returns To Fox With Ad For Bible Pillows [VIDEO]

The New York Daily News reports:

MyPillow founder and rabid conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell ended his two-month tiff with Fox News Thursday with a one-minute commercial that aired on the midday program “America Reports.”

In his new spot, Lindell steers clear of the sort of election fraud rhetoric that has him and Fox News in the crosshairs of billion-dollar lawsuits and addressed the topic of “cancel culture.”

To thank viewers for their ongoing support, Lindell offers “some of the best prices ever on MyPillow products,” featuring a sales package that includes his new tome and a set of Bible-themed pillows that he says normally sells for $219, but can now be yours for the bargain price of $99.98.

Read the full article. Lindell has claimed he was losing $1 million a week by not advertising on Fox, who has refused to air any of his ads that mention a “stolen election.”