LA School District Begins Firing Anti-Vax Employees

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The Los Angeles Unified School District was among the first school systems in the nation to require employees to be vaccinated. The Oct. 15 deadline prompted a last-minute surge among thousands who were hesitant. No vaccine meant no entry onto a campus — and likely no job.

Similar vaccination deadlines — and decisions — are approaching for Los Angeles city workers, including police officers and firefighters, who got an extension this week to get their shots by Dec. 18 or face “corrective action,” which includes launching a dismissal process.

According to recent figures provided by L.A. Unified, 2,214 district employees did not apply for or did not receive an exemption. They have lost their jobs or are on track to do so. About 1,500 others received an exemption — 175 for a serious medical condition or disability, and 1,325 for a “sincerely held religious belief.”

Read the full article. According to the piece, 95% of the district’s 73,000 employees have had at least one shot.