Judge On Complaining Rioters: It’s A Jail, Not A Hotel

CNN reports:

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday pushed back against claims of mistreatment at a Washington, DC, jail where dozens of US Capitol rioters are being held — allegations that led a federal judge to refer the jail for an investigation into potential civil rights violations after holding its officials in contempt of court.

The Justice Department’s disclosures came in the case of defendant Christopher Worrell, whose case has become a cause célèbre in right-wing circles because of his health issues while in jail. But in a court filing on Wednesday, which cited notes from multiple doctors, federal prosecutors said that Worrell had “invented” his medical needs.

Judge Emmet Sullivan noted in a hearing that he thought some defense attorneys were bringing up issues to judges like injured wrists when they should be talking directly with the jail instead. “They’re running a jail, not a hotel. Some people want hotel services,” Sullivan said.

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