Italy Pressured To Ban Anti-Vax Party After Violence

Politico Europe reports:

The Italian government is under pressure to ban neo-fascist movements that took part in violent anti-vaccination protests at the weekend. On Saturday, demonstrators trashed a union building and attacked a hospital emergency room as part of a day of violence that has been likened to the Capitol Hill riot in Washington in January.

The protest left 38 police officers injured, with 12 protesters arrested including the leaders of a neo-fascist group called Forza Nuova (New Power). The group, which does not allow vaccinated people to join, has sought to make political capital from the pandemic, infiltrating violent anti-vaccine and anti-mask protests since the early days of lockdown.

A 1952 law prohibits the reconstitution of fascist parties in Italy. According to constitutional lawyers, the Interior Ministry could dissolve Forza Nuova if a court found that it was a fascist party.

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