IL Dems Put Kinzinger In District With Freshman Dem

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly released the proposed new congressional map on Friday, with the lines drawn to yield 14 Democratic and three Republican districts. The Illinois Democrats, who control the state House, Senate and governorship, drew odd-shaped districts — referred to as gerrymandered districts — designed to sweep in Democratic strongholds and shed GOP turf.

GOP Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Rodney Davis have said they may run for senator or governor if they determine there is no district where they have a chance to win. Kinzinger, of Channahon, who carved out a national profile with his anti-Trump crusade, is in a district with freshman Democrat Marie Newman of LaGrange. The district has a Democratic edge. Kinzinger’s political problem is that he is a major target of the pro-Trump forces in the GOP.

Kinzinger lashes out in a statement:

“I have proudly served six terms in the U.S. House and it has been an honor to do so. Following the release of the new congressional maps for Illinois, my team and I will spend some time looking them over and reviewing all of the options, including those outside the House. This redistricting process has been anything but transparent, which comes as no surprise to anyone. I believe the people of Illinois deserve better.”