House Republicans: Grinch Biden Is Stealing Christmas

Salon reports:

Christmas is still more than two months away — but that hasn’t stopped President Joe Biden from ruining the holiday, at least in the minds of Republican lawmakers and right-wing pundits. “This is the guys who is trying to steal Christmas,” the House Republican caucus tweeted this week, typo and all, alongside a strangely framed picture of Biden’s back as he walked away from a podium. “Americans are NOT going to let that happen.”

Over the last week, it has quickly become a Republican talking point that Biden is “stealing” or “ruining” Christmas — even Trump got in on the action, blasting out a mass email through “Save America,” his PAC, dubbing this year’s holiday “Biden’s Blue Christmas.” The House Republican caucus even tweeted out a picture Thursday of Biden’s face superimposed on Dr. Suess’ iconic Christmas-hating character “The Grinch.”

Read the full article. Much of the piece is about how Fox News hosts are dutifully parroting the new line.