Homocon Rioter: The Media Hates Me, Send Money

From convicted Capitol rioter Brandon Straka:

If you’ve been reading any stories in the news about me this year, you probably find it hard to know if the story is actually about me or a comic book villain from a dystopian universe, who’s out to destroy America and then the entire world at large.

Of course, most of these same media sources spent the last 4 years denying my existence as I traveled the country doing outreach events to bring more freedom, hope, and opportunity to the black and Hispanic and LGBT communities; not to mention the dozens of events we did to support police officers and college events I did to bring hope to young people.

Nope, through all of that I didn’t exist. The media mistakenly believes that they have the power to define who and what I am. They do not. In the end, there is only one person who will ever define the truth of who I am- and that’s me.

Hang in there, Patriots. My sentencing date is December 17th. I know it’s been a long, hard year for all of us- but the end is in sight now. No matter what happens on December 17th, we’re all in this together and we will get to the other side.