Grisham’s Former Boyfriend Sues Her For Defamation

The Daily Beast reports:

Max Miller, an Ohio congressional candidate and all-around “great guy” according to Donald Trump, filed a defamation suit against former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham on Tuesday. Grisham, Miller’s ex-girlfriend who is on a media tour promoting her tell-all book, has claimed Miller physically abused her during their relationship.

Allegations of Miller’s abuse began circulating Washington in July, when Politico reported that Miller had pushed Grisham against a wall and slapped her across the face after she accused him of infidelity last year, according to the accounts of three people familiar with their relationship.

From Grisham’s new op-ed in the Washington Post:

One day, while meeting with Mrs. Trump alone, she asked how I was holding up after our breakup. My eyes started to well up. I had been holding in the fact that the end of our relationship had become violent, reaching its worst point on the day I left. I told the first lady that he got physical with me.

She asked me if I had called the police and I said no, explaining that this close to the election, it wouldn’t be good to have yet another domestic abuse scandal hanging over the administration. I also had no proof. She nodded and did not push the matter further. As far as I know, she told no one.

A few weeks later, after the first presidential debate, I was with President Trump on Air Force One. Noting that my ex was also in our entourage, the president asked me if it was tough to have seen him at the debate. He then began to tell me how broken up my ex had been about the split and expressed sympathy for him.

Grisham goes on to say that both Trumps were “totally unfazed” that “another abuser” was in their inner circle. Trump has endorsed Miller to unseat GOP Rep. Anthony Gonzales, who voted to impeach him. Miller has been arrested multiple times, including for violence.