Graham: Connect The Dots, Commies Are Taking Over

Posted to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

Connect the dots? You may have a lot of concerns with what is coming out of the White House today. There are so many destructive policies being put into place by leftist officials and staff working to get their radical agendas promoted.

The tactics that socialists and communists have used throughout history when they were trying to take over a country include creating political chaos, economic failure, and social upheaval. It is concerning that we see all of those on the rise in our nation.

The political chaos during and after the last election was unprecedented for our country. There were so many unanswered questions. We have unemployment rising, inflation rising, and proposed spending bills that would increase our national debt to a level that could be crippling. We were independent from foreign oil, now we are dependent again.

The critical race theory that we have seen rise up in the last year masterfully creates chaos. It pits black against white, white against black, and fuels disunity and division. It is used to make people hate their country rather than building patriotism. All of this is a great tragedy.

The censorship we see in the media, I thought would never be possible in this country. But once they banned the former president from social media, we realized the unprecedented control the socialist left can have over our nation—and over you.

Of course, communist and socialist regimes are anti-capitalism. We now have leaders in universities and in our own Congress who are against capitalism and we hear their persistent cries to tax the wealthy more in an effort to make all people economically equal.

This destroys incentive and the work ethic that has been a major part of what made America a great nation. The pandemic also played into the chaos. It has given those in the government power over our lives that they weren’t given by a legislative body or the Constitution.

They can order mandates at their whim that may not be dictated by science, but by their own left-leaning agendas. Those controls can be used as stepping stones for greater destruction of our nation in the future if we’re not careful.