Graham: Communist Biden Admin Is Silencing Parents

Posted to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

It’s an ominous sign when the government uses its power to try and silence the voice of the people. That’s how communism works. Anyone who speaks against communism or the goals of communism becomes the enemy. And we’re seeing this happen right in our own country.

The Biden Administration, which bows to the radical progressive left, would like to silence parents who voice strong opinions against critical race theory and trans radicalism at school board meetings.

Unbelievably, the National School Boards Association asked that parent protests at school board meetings be treated as possible acts of “domestic terrorism.”

This tactic of intimidation is meant to silence parents with views the Left doesn’t agree with. Asra Nomani, with Parents Defending Education, has been conducting research into how school boards are implementing “woke” ideas in their curriculum, said, “I am what a domestic terrorist looks like? You owe parents an apology!”

We cannot let the government take over the parenting of our children. School boards and schools should educate, not indoctrinate. If anti-woke, anti-socialism, anti-communism citizens like us do not speak up, get involved, and take a stand to preserve what we have in this country, it will disappear right before our eyes—in just one generation.