GOP State Rep Resigns As Committee Chair After Claim “Satanic” Vaccine Contains “Living Tentacled Organisms”

Manchester’s ABC News affiliate reports:

The New Hampshire Republican representative who shared a document with his colleagues that was riddled with conspiracy theories and anti-Catholic bigotry has resigned his position as chairman of the House Finance Committee. Rep. Ken Weyler’s resignation from the committee also means he is no longer chair of the Fiscal Committee.

The document contains conspiracy theories but also features blatant anti-Catholicism, including an allegation that top church leaders worship Satan. The “report” alleges that multiple popes have answered to a hidden leader known as “The Grey Pope.” The document also claims COVID-19 vaccines contain tentacled creatures and 5G technology intended for mind control.

Read the full article. As you can see in the screencap below, Weyler also claims that vaccinated parents have babies born with “pitch black eyes” and that those babies are able to walk at three months old. Because Satan, presumably.