GOP Crowd Heckles Lindsey Graham For Pushing Vax

Mediaite reports:

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham experienced firsthand the ignorant hell that Covid-19 misinformation has wrought when he was heckled by Republican voters for very gently and apologetically recommending they get vaccinated.

Just the mere suggestion that people think about getting — think about it — earned immediate jeers from the crowd, and an apologetic clarification from Graham, who said “I didn’t tell you to get it! You ought to think about it!”

Things got even worse for Graham when he told the crowd “Well, I’m glad I got,” then added a medical fact: “92 percent of the people in the hospitals in South Carolina (are) unvaccinated.”

Read the full article. Watch both clips. When Graham notes that almost all of those hospitalized are unvaccinated, the crowd shouts “false!”