Gab CEO Goes On Anti-Semitic Rampage On Twitter

The Daily Dot reports:

Andrew Torba, the CEO of the far-right social media website Gab, appears to have disabled the platform’s Twitter account on Tuesday following an antisemitic tirade.

In a series of tweets, Torba shared several antisemitic canards related to Judeo–Bolshevism while promoting the creation of a “parallel Christian society.”

Judeo–Bolshevism is a term that was used by the Nazi Party in Germany during the 1930s that relates to the conspiracy theory that Jews were responsible for Communism. “We’re building a parallel Christian society because we are fed up and done with the Judeo-Bolshevik one,” he wrote.

Read the full article. You can embiggen the compilations below to read some of his tweets in full. Most of them involve the usual “Jews killed Jesus” trope.