Franklin Graham: My Ministry Is Not Anti-LGBT, We Just “Love People Enough” To Tell Them They’re Evil Sinners

Posted to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

I hope they get no traction! Activist groups are attacking Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell because he spoke at one of our Billy Graham Evangelistic Association law enforcement retreats recently.

They are calling for the city to “denounce and demote” him. Can you believe that? Chief Revell has been serving with his department for some 30 years. They want to destroy a man’s career after he has invested his life in serving and protecting his community.

These activist groups say that BGEA is anti-LGBTQ—that is just not true. We are not anti-anybody. We love people enough to tell them the truth of God’s Word. I want everyone to know the same truth that changed my life—that God loves us.

He sent His Son Jesus Christ to earth to die for our sins, and anyone who repents of their sin and puts their faith in Him can be forgiven and made right with God. Sharing the hope and truth of God’s Word isn’t hateful, I think it is the most loving thing we can do.