Fox Tries To Pass Off Son Of Right Wing Activist As Random VA Student “Offended” By “Woke” Teachers

Mediaite reports:

Fox News host Lawrence Jones reported from a Leesburg, Virginia diner Thursday morning, and broke major news when he came across a student who revealed — live on camera — that he felt “attacked” by “woke teachers” who showed him “degrading” videos.

In what is a remarkable coincidence, the student in question, William Shultz, is the son of Elizabeth Shultz, who is a former school board member in Fairfax County, a GOP activist, and has appeared on Fox News before to explain an op-ed she wrote complaining about critical race theory being taught in schools.

At no time in the segment did Jones disclose that Elizbeth Shultz is a political activist and so Fox & Friends viewers were likely left with the impression that she and her son’s reaction is just standard fare for Virginia diners.

Read the full article. Fox News regularly presents “angry parents” who are in fact local GOP activists and candidates.