Fox News Host: McAuliffe Is Trying To Steal The Election

Media Matters has the transcript:

I will tell you now that Terry McAuliffe is preparing to try and steal the election. McAuliffe spends big in final days on sanctioned lawyer who sued to overturn Iowa House race.  This is very important to understand. So they’re going to try and steal the election.

The same guy, McAuliffe, who said that Bush was illegitimate in the 2000 election because he stole it from Gore, the same guy, McAuliffe, in 2016 that said actually Hillary won, remember was the bagman for the Clintons.

And Trump had lost, stole the election, Russia collusion. Now, of course, if you dare to raise questions about 2020, “Oh, you must be a Na– a white supremacist,” but of course.