Florida Pols Erupt With Calls To Deny Confirmation For Wacko Anti-Vax State Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo

Florida Politics reports:

Florida politicians took to social media over the weekend to demand the Florida Senate deny the confirmation of recently installed Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo after news broke of a troubling interaction he had with an immunocompromised state lawmaker.

As detailed by Florida Politics, Democratic Sen. Tina Polsky of Boca Raton, who was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in August, asked Ladapo and his aides to leave her office last week after Ladapo repeatedly refused her request for him to wear a mask.

Ladapo was “very smug” and responded with “that’s OK” when Polsky told him she had a serious medical condition and didn’t feel comfortable speaking to him without a mask. As Ladapo was leaving, she said, he told her, “Sometimes I try to reason with unreasonable people for fun.”

Read the full article. There’s much more. As you can see in the final tweet below, despite outrage form both sides of the aisle, Florida’s cultiest cultist is on the attack against his own party. Ladapo, as had been widely reported, is affiliated with nutbag “demon semen” Dr. Stella Immanuel.